Thursday, 20 September 2012

Red and Black Week: Lynnderella Lucky Numbers

Day three in Red and Black week and today brings another Indie polish. Lets leave all the drama of this maker at the door shall we? Good now sit back and enjoy the beauty of Lucky Numbers.

Here she is. Lucky Numbers is a clear based polish with a subtle red shimmer infused throughout it. Within her you will find a selection of red and black hex, square, micro and bar glitter.  In this swatch one coat  Lynnderella Lucky Numbers is swatched over two coats of Essence The Dawn is Broken which is maybe my favourite shimmery grey. I topped this layer with Seche Vite.

Application wise this polish is tricky to work with. It is thin to the point it almost drips off the brush. I find that Lynnderella polish that are not purely glitter (Gotta Love Brians and Matter of the Heart to name a couple more) are very thin. I had to shake the bottle between dipping in my brush as all the glitter has settled to the bottom. Also the red shimmer in this polish limits the combination of base colours you can use with this polish. Foils just look odd with a shimmer polish layered on top in my opinion for example.

However for all the criticisms that red shimmer is just very captivating.

But is this polish worth the price tag? Maybe not. In fact this polish is no longer in my possession. I think this look could easily be achieved with other polishes, but I couldn't do Red and Black week without including this polish could I? 

What do you think of this polish? Is it worth the Hype? 


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  1. It is a lovely glitter (as are so many Lynns) but unfortunately, not worth the hype for me. They're fun to look at, though. ;)


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