Monday, 10 September 2012

The Digit-al Dozen Does Blue: Super Duper Post: Nails Inc Vs W7

I have been so excited to share with you a new group I become a part of. Twelve ladies and myself have formed the Digit-al Dozen (yes it's a bakers dozen) to bring you exciting and innovative nail  posts featuring a certain topic each month. This month we are doing Blue. Simple right? Well in theory? So for the next five days expect lots of Blue from yours truly...

One thing that has come up alot in the feedback from my Giveaway is that you want to see comparison posts and by sheer coincidence I want to thin out my stash! This brings me to a new type of post I want to start doing: Super Duper. This is a polish comparison (dupe series) but the big thing about this is every time I find a dupe one of the polishes MUST GO! *shock horror*

Thanks Missy for the graphic! 

So finally here are some photos:

So the first polishes up to face my scrutiny are Nails Inc Pudding Lane and W7 Mosaic. (Check out my old-school watermark these have been sat in 'the vault' for a  while).

At first glance  we can see that these two polishes look incredibly similar. Both blue creme-jelly polishes with navy blue and gold 'sprinkle' glitter. The glitter looks slightly denser in the Nails Inc and there seems to be more of the navy blue glitter but colour wise they look exactly the same!

Lets see what it looks like on the nail:

For these photos I used two coats of polish over OPI Nail Envy Base Coat. 

The first two fingers show Mosaic and the last two feature Pudding Lane. Application wise I preferred the W7 polish. The bottle is akin to the iconic OPI shape which I find really easy to use compared to the stubby-lidded Nails Inc polish bottle. On the nail both polishes needed two coats to reach opacity, however I did notice some dragging and bald spots with the Nails Inc (if you look at my third finger you can see this!). I am not sure if this is a application issue or whether it just has a longer dry time.


Can you tell the difference between the two? I sure can't. Nails Inc retail over here £11.00 
On the other hand W7 is available online for £1.95. Score! The only problem with this is that W7 is a UK brand which it seems impossible to get elsewhere in the world. For me however this wasn't a problem. 

Can you guess which polish is gone? (i've already swapped it). 

The Bye-Bye List:
Nails Inc Pudding Lane

Stayed tune for the next installment of blue week tomorrow!

Day 1


  1. I think it's the same glaze in different bottle! If got Mosaic and I love it! :)

  2. oh clever with the name !! super duper indeed :) x

  3. Super Duper, love it! And I love seeing dupes especially when one is at a fraction of the cost of the other. I too have Nails Inc & W7 and completely agree with your whole post, including the bottle shapes & lids, can't wait to see the next dupe, keep 'em coming!!!

  4. Love this!! Great idea to swap out dupes! I do the same!!

  5. Brilliant post! Love the graphic and love the comparison!

  6. I reckon if you looked really closely and for a very long time you'd be able to tell the difference. Personally, for the price of the W7 alone, I'd say it's the better buy.

  7. Ack, I love so many things about this!
    1. Love the post idea
    2. That graphic is flipping sweet'
    3. This polish is awesome, and I am SO glad you got it for me!
    4. I need to thin my stash, too - way to go!!!


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