Tuesday, 11 September 2012

The Digit-al Dozen does Blue week- Polka Dot Ombre

So the twelve Digit-al Dozen members are courageously battling on (can you believe it's only day two?) with another dose of Blue.

Today I bring you something a little different. For one thing the base is grey...

(I must warn you now I have blurred some of my cuticles in the below pictures to detract from my horrible cuticle accident I had a few weeks back)

But there is blue. Four different blues in fact. 

From left to right we have Barry M Blue Moon, Cyan Blue, Cobalt Blue and GOSH Attitude to create a polka dot ombre effect. I wanted to use a neutral colour for the base so use Barry M grey. I love how pigmented all these polishes are they really look vintage yet pop on the grey base.

I love poka dots my dotting tool is the best nail art piece of equipment I own! It is so simple to use and always looks so professional.

What is your favourite shade? I think they all look great!

Tomorrow you guess it... more blue!



  1. Love it! I think my favorite one is your middle finger!

  2. this idea works really well x

  3. What a fab way of getting in more colours!

  4. Woo! I love polka dots; they are slowly but surely becoming my favorite thing. This looks great!


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