Friday, 7 September 2012

The Friday Collective 7/9/12

Hey lovely readers today I am going to try a different type of blog post and depending on your feedback depends if I continue with it or not. Something that I have noticed is that my blog isn't really that personal. When I write I tend to use a very matter-of-fact tone and I feel that this isn't really MY blog. I want you all to get to know me and that way I can get to know you. My dear friend Caitlin is also testing out this new type of post (check hers out here) in her words;

"I am also going to start something on Fridays called the Friday Collective, which will include how my week has been going, photos of my manis that I haven't posted, pictures from instagram that I took throughout the week, the song that has been on my ipod on repeat or I have been listening to alot, and just my thoughts in general, to make my blog more personal."

So to start with on Sunday Mr PP&P and I adopted another Hamster. He is called Curly Whirly after the chocolate bar. Here he is settling in to his new home with a grape:

Me and my little brother Marley had a great time making things while I was home. I made a sign with my name on, showing that my creativity extends further than to just my nails!

On Wednesday I received my all-time most wanted nail polish which I am going to post as my cuticles have really been nasty this week! Expect swatches  of this VERY soon!

Also this week I finished this great game! I really enjoy the Pokemon series. I reminds me so much of my childhood and this game is such great fun!

Lastly Mr PP&P and I have been attempting to learn a new song on the guitar. We have achieved reasonable success with this. This band isn't that well know but earlier this year we got VIP tickets to a gig in Southampton which was incredible. Blame it on the Boom Boom by Black Stone Cherry:

Next week is the start of a great little of series of posts that I have been working on for some time. I can't wait to finally share them with you lovely readers!


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