Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Green for Depression Awareness Month

So October is a pretty busy month, not only is it Halloween but it is both Breast Cancer and Depression Awareness month. How could I let such causes go buy without showing my support. Depression is something that even though is being more accepted is still not fully understood. It is only when you have lived with depression or lived with someone who is depressed that you start to understand it. Depression has sadly struck very close to home for me. Some people very close to me-who I care about deeply- have dealt with ( are dealing with) depression. It upsets me to know they are in so much pain and I can do nothing to help them and give them solace. I myself have anxiety issues and although I am hesitant to talk about them further here I want to show my support in the best way I can express myself, through my nails.

As the official colour for DAM is green I decided to to use one of my new polishes from my Brazilian polish fairy. This is HITS Cabra-Cega from the  GRAACC  collection. Cabra-Cega is a bright lime green polish that is packed with glass flakes. I love the combination of the almost neon colour with the glass sparkles. It looks really pretty and I have no other colour like this in my collection.

This shade was slightly on the sheer side I needed two thicker coats for opacity or I think three thinner coats would also work. The only annoying thing about Hits is the tiny slim bottles two thicker coats used about 1/5 of my bottle. This makes me a sad polish-acholic as this is a real stunner of a  shade!

I decided to do some abstract nail art to emphasise the abstract nature of Depression. It cannot be fully understood. I used Barry M Black to imply the darkness and sadness it brings.

Before I go I want to point you in the direct of some wonderfully touching and informative posts I have read this month. The Crumpet, one of my favourite bloggers has done a series of posts about her own experiences with depression. Another wonderful friend of mine from the Nail Pron  wrote a post that actually left me in tears, she is very brave to write about her experiences and  it could almost be as if she were writing about me. A quick Google search will bring up reams of information about support and information about dealing and battling depression. Please check the link below with other people's Depression Awareness manicure's. Lastly, I want to say to anyone out there who suffers from depression do not ever suffer alone. 



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