Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Halloween Challenge- Welcome to the Candy Shop

Being a Crumpet Nail Tart means I get access to lots of great nail art challenges. As you know they are kind of my thing, they help me keep on track and help me to think outside the box. And of course in theory they mean I post regularly.

Today I am starting a new  Halloweeny challenge and day one is the theme Trick or Treat. Over here we don't have as much Halloween themed candy like candy corns or anything so I decided to base my manicure on a polish named after sweets. Namely, Deborah Lippmann Candy Shop.

I have  a grand total of three DL polishes and this is the only one I have ever used. They are too precious to look at  use . This is two coats of Candy shop and the jelly consistency of the polish  means it is still slightly transparent. This could easily be rectified with a base coat of pink or another coat of polish but I like it how it is, it looks squishy.

Candy shop is an assortment of multi-coloured glitter pieces in a semi-sheer bubblegum pink base. How can you go wrong with that? My inner girl has been crying out to wear a colour like this for a while! Pink. Glitter. Together they are a match made in heaven.

 Application wise this polish is easy to work with and requires little to no glitter placement. It dries a little gritty bit a thickish layer of topcoat will sort that out!

If you don't want to pay out for this polish Claire's came out with an exact dupe of this polish (with the same name) and  I think it would also be easy to layer glitter to create this polish yourself! Aside from that this is a lovely polish that I really like. 

So today isn't the scariest polish to start off a Halloween challenge but I have some WICKED things this way coming...

Check out the challenge and the other ladies manicure's below.


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