Friday, 19 October 2012

Holiday Nails: Sally Hansen Salon Effects

So this part week I haven't been very active on here, this is because I have been staying on a farm in Dorset and living in a converted barn with my boyfriend. Sounds nice? Trust me it was, we had Donkey's living out in the front of our house and chickens roaming free. There were even baby farm kittens playing in the hay!

Anyway while I was away I decided I was going to try some Sally Hansen Instant Salon Effects because I didn't want to have to bring base coats and top coats and oodles of polish with me. These Nail Effects are self adhesive nail wraps that are designed to last for up to five days, perfect for a holiday. I had a few packets to choose from and decided to go with the Denim design, 230 Skinny Jeans.

I have tried the Nail Rock wraps before but these Sally Hansen wraps are made from from real nail polish.This means they are a lot thinner and feel a lot more natural on the nail. They also wear just like normal polish and chip instead of getting snaggy and scratchy.

So application? These were very easy to apply, you just peel off the backing and position and press down onto your nail. You do get a orange stick to help you make sure they are pressed down but I found this was likely to rip the polish. You can see a tiny hole on my pinkie finger where this happened. Then you simply just file off the excess.

The other great thing about these wraps was that because of my short nails I could get a full manicure from just one of the sealed packages meaning that that I can get two full manicures from one set! I love short nails some times!

So lastly lets just talk about the design. How cute are these? They are totally trendy and yet not too in your face. I love the fact they are instant nail art. And they really are Denim, they match my jeans exactly.

All in all these are a great way of having manicured nails without the hassle. They also do loads of different designs. They are way to pricey to wear all the time (about £7 normally although I got these on sale) and if you have longer nails you will only get one manicure from them. Wear time wise I got about three or four days before I started get get more noticeable chips than just tip-wear.

What do you think? Have you tried them? Or will you stick to polish?



  1. I love the SH strips, but haven't tried this design yet.



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