Sunday, 21 October 2012

Respect The 'Stache Part 2: Orly Essie and Zoya

So today I am going to show you the second part of my polish stash, you can see part one here, as I explained before my polishes are stored in little cosmetic bags depending on brand. The next bag I am going to show you is the one that is labelled as "US mid-range" so not your cheapy drug store polishes but not the higher  end polishes either. 

Amazingly I really have very little of these polishes as they are much harder to get hold of here in the UK. So in fact in one bag I can hold all my Essie, Orly and Zoya polishes. I really do need to invest in more of these polishes, Zoya is one of my favourite brands after all, they apply and last so damn well (if you check out my wishlist you will see I am lusting after loads of them). Essie has suddenly become available in the UK in selected Boots and Superdrug stores but at £7-8 a go I haven't bought any yet.  So because of this I can say that all these polishes have come from swaps with my friends from across the pond  

Don't forget that the lovely Bee and Kirsten also  Respecting The 'Stache with me!

So first up my Orly's:

L-R: It's Not Rocket Science, Androgynie (all the glitter has sunk to the back as it has been laying down), Rock Solid, Fresh


L-R: Luxe Effects: Shine of the Times, Marshmellow. And the Mini polishes: Smooth Sailing , Bossa Nova and Meet Me At Sunset 

And Lastly my Zoya's. I do have more of these than the other two brands but not that many more:

L-R: Marley (got just for the name as that is the name of my baby brother), Rea and  Lael

Opal and two bottles of Veruschka (matte). I didn't know I had to bottles of this polish, even though it is pretty I really don't need both so this polish will be added to my swap pile. 

L-R: Kotori, Crystal, Trixie, and Pandora (mini)

Can you believe that is three brands there? I bet all you Americans are laughing at my piddly collection. 

Are you from the UK do you own any of these brands? How many of each do you own?



  1. Hi! I don't have any Zoya but I do have some Orly (boots sell them as well as TK Maxx and a few other websites that deliver to the UK) think I've got about 15 Orly? And recently got my 1st Essie from TK Maxx, a set o 4 for £9.99. TK Maxx is great for American brands =D xo

  2. Loving your stache' I might have to do a post similar to this but like you i've got quiet a few!

    Jazz x

  3. I'm a nosey cow so I love posts like this :) I only have one Orly which I bought myself from eBay, three zoyas and one essie all of these I won on a blog giveaway

  4. Hi! Loved reading this post, you influenced me to do the same - I love the whole "'stache" pun :) . I linked to you in my post thought giving you the credit of course. Thanks!


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