Wednesday, 24 October 2012

The Halloween Challenge: Freestyle Halloween with Pretty and Polished Candy Corn

I am a bit behind with posting these due to being away last week but here is my Freestyle Halloween themed manicure  for the Halloween Challenge. I wanted to try one of my newest Halloween polishes and thought what could be more free-style that a polish that has a mind of it's own (kind of at least)?

So I used Pretty and Polished Candy Corn a mood or colour changing polish, which shifts between yellow and orange.

The polish looks orange in the bottle but dried yellow on my nails. It is a pretty thin polish, I used two coats but if I had longer nails you would have seen lots of visible nail line. As it was I quite like the fact that it was alomst a tinting polish meaning you could make the colour as dark or light as you wish. It makes me think that it would be similar in consistency to the American  Apparel Summer Sheer polishes. In a weird way it looked very natural on the nail (not colour-wise obviously!).  

The colour of the yellow reminds me of  yellow highlighters at school. Remember the ink is kind of thin and when you drew on your hands it was kind of tinted with the skin colours underneath? That is the colour of the polish. Sorry it's not such a romantic description but it is true! 

The colour changing on this polish is very quick and very noticeable compared to the Claire's mood changing polishes I own.You can see a great video of this polish on Youtube. 

Throughout the day the polish changed on it's own accord. You should have seen the fun I had holding a cold drink and then a cup of tea.  Here is a photo mid-transition you can see the yellow and orange together:

The orange is a dark red-toned orange which would make a lovely shade of polish on it's own!

This is such a fun polish and a great addition to any collection. It is the perfect Halloween polish but you could also wear this a super bright summer colour. Bonus!

Check out the challenge below and all the other people that have taken part with me!


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  1. What a fun polish , I haven't seen these :D looks great!


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