Thursday, 15 November 2012

ABCD Challenge: A is for Across The Universe

So yes I am doing another challenge. This time me and my two besties Emma and Bee are attempting to show you a polish a week which starts with a corresponding letter of the alphabet. I am a bit concerned that towards the end I might struggle but we will see how it goes.

The best part of this challenge is that allows me to use some of my untried polishes. For example A is for Across the Universe by Deborah Lippmann. How have I not tried this before?

Across the Universe is stunning and is one of only three Deborah Lippmann's that I own. Across the Universe is a sheer deep blue jelly with green and silvery blue hex and micro glitter suspended throughout. Isn't it just stunning? It has so much depth a beauty to it that I love it. I decided to layer two coats of Across the Universe over two coats of OPI Unfor-greta-bly Blue. This not only conserves the precious (imagine me saying that as Golum) Deborah Lippman but intensifies the blue in the polish.

I am so happy I finally wore this polish, I have about 4 or 5 replicas (I need to do another Super Duper post) but none of them match up to this at all. I expected this to be hungry for top coat too but one layer of SV and it was perfect. I really need to stop buying Indies and get some more higher end polishes because how can a polish collection be complete without amazing polishes like this?

Do you own any Deborah Lippmann's? What is your favourite polish beginning with A?



  1. Loving this on you, what are the dupes for this one :D

  2. This looks so gorgeous on you! I don't own any Lippmanns, but I own a few dupes, lol... Apparently there's an indie dupe out there called Across the Trailer Park... very tongue in cheek name, but just as gorgeous. <3

  3. That's truly an amazing polish! Wow is the only word I can think of :D

  4. I was going to use this one too!! Glad I didn't. It looks great on you!

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