Friday, 30 November 2012

C is for Change

 So C is for Lynnderella's Change.Let my first start by telling you that I no longer own this polish, as much as it is a pretty polish I have so many gold glitter concoctions that I could easily bear not to have this one and my lovely friend Bee has been lemming it for a while.

Anyway I really wanted to try a Gold topcoat over the new Barry M Blackberry Gelly polish for a while now, but until I become a millionaire and am able to afford one of the real gold topcoats that I have been lusting after  I decided to use Change instead.

Change from the Funny Money collection by Lynnderella. I got my bottle from Llarowe before Lynn decided to start selling through her ebay shop and stopped selling internationally. Change is a clear base with  holo , gold, silver, and copper square and hex glitter in various sizes, with some red and green accent glitters in there too.

This polish sure does dazzle and I think it works much better over a darker base. I tried this polish once before over gold but the glitter seemed to just merge and loose it's complexity. For all Lynns faults she does make a pretty bottle of polish! 

Application wise this polish is a bit tricky to work with, it is much more of a 'dabby' polish than a 'swipe-y' one. This can make the glitter look a bit uneven in places on the nail but if you use alot of glitter polish this one shouldn't be too much of a problem for you. Afterwards I used a a layer of Gelous and Seche Vite to keep this polish smooth.

Remember that Emma and Bee  are doing this challenge with me check out what polish they picked for there C polish! What would you have picked?



  1. It looks great on you!! I put it over a turquoise color (I know...shocker) and loved it. Thanks so much for killing my lemming!! :)

  2. Cute! Love the layering combo. :)

  3. Awesome combo! And I love the square glitters in this one <3


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