Saturday, 17 November 2012

C varnish Week: Bubble Yum

Today I have another Indie polish swatch to show you from the brand C Varnish. Don't forget C Varnish is a British brand and I am proud to be supporting her!

Today I am showing you Bubble Yum and beautiful pink polish:

Isn't this one just so cute?Lets take a quick look at a bottle shot:

Bubble Yum is a very pretty and girly concoction of  a barbie pink base colour with blue, silver and bright pink hex's. It is almost the inversion of One Thing and Two Thing which I showed you (and adored) earlier this week. It is reminiscent of Deborah Lippmann Candy Shop but with a more select range of glitter.

My swatches show one coat of Bubble Yum over Essie Off The Shoulder but this is such a thick polish the base colour really isn't needed. This is probably the thickest of the  C Varnish polishes I have and although it is a bit harder to worth with it is not by any stretch unmanageable.On the nail the blue glitter is by far the most dominant colour. The thickness of the base  easily obscures  the delicate silver and pink glitter, which is a shame but I do love the pink and blue together. In fact I would be happy to have the silver and pink glitter removed from this polish altogether and just have that combination of the blue and pink.

You can see some of the silver glitter on my first two fingers in this picture. I really love the bursts of blue in this polish. What I love about C Varnish is that they don't over-saturate the mixes with too much glitter. I think the occasional 'pops' of colour are much more appealing. Again I am wearing a Coat of SV to keep things glossy but the polish itself is perfectly smooth!

This is such a fun girly colour that I recommend it to any girly girl out there. I received a bucket load of compliments wearing this polish! 

So do you fancy owning your own bottle? The wonderful Jen has just restocked her Esty shop with (costing £4 each) but she also does great deals on mini bottles where you can pick which shades you want which hopefully she will be restocking soon. Don't forget you can also check out the C Varnish Facebook page for updates on upcoming collection! If you do pop buy C Varnish's store feel free to let Jen know that you heard about her here at PishPosh and Polish! (and let me know too, I would love to know what you order!)

What do you think about this shade?


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