Thursday, 15 November 2012

C Varnish Week: Life On Mars

I am continuing a week of posts featuring the brand C Varnish, a lovely UK based Indie polish maker. Today I am bringing you one of the polishes from her Space collection, which is a collection of black based polishes with differing collections of glitter.

Life on Mars is a black based polish with silver, coppery gold, blue and pink glitter. There is micro glitter, hex glitter and even some bar glitter in here! It really does look like space in a bottle. Here is a bottle shot:

It almost looks like fireworks or shooting stars doesn't it?

My swatch uses a base of W7 Black just to make sure the black was completely opaque but two coats of polish on it's own would work just as well. There is lots of glitter in the polish you can easily get lots of polish on your brush and then onto your nail.  Again it applied smootly and dried without bumps which is great. This polish was very shimmery on the nail the silver against the black really did look like the night sky. Sadly the other coloured glitter didn't seem to translate so well onto the nail. It is still pretty but just more subtle than I thought it would be considering the bottle shots.

Up close you can see that the coloured glitter better. This is still a very pretty edition to the collection and if you like a more subtle polish this is great for you. Some of the other polishes in the space collection seemed to have brighter glitter so I think it would stand out more and is perfect for the more bold polish wearer so don't be deterred!

 The wonderful Jen has just restocked her Esty shop with (costing £4 each) but she also does great deals on mini bottles where you can pick which shades you want which hopefully she will be restocking soon. Don't forget you can also check out the C Varnish Facebook page for updates on upcoming collection! If you do pop buy C Varnish's store feel free to let Jen know that you heard about her here at PishPosh and Polish! (and let me know too, I would love to know what you order) 


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