Tuesday, 20 November 2012

C Varnish Week: Orange Cherry Pop

Here is my penultimate post swatching and showing off my lovely C Varnish polishes. Today's polish is a surprise favorite of mine. The bottle really doesn't do this polish justice as on the nail it looks great! Lets take a closer look:

Orange Cherry Pop is a bright tangerine orange jelly with blood orangey reddish glitter hex's in a variety of different sizes.  This polish because it is a jelly is slightly sheer, I used an unnamed Colour Works orange polish as a base of this but it would easily be opaque on it's own in three coats. As it is I used two thinner coats  over the top and there was easily enough glitter to pepper the nail with pretty hex's.

Lets look at the bottle shot:

This reminds me of bubbles in a glass of fanta. The glitter did seem to sink a little more in this polish than in the others that I have, but all that is required is a quick roll to distribute the glitter.

This is a more subtle glitter mix, yet I really like it. I love those larger hex's, they are a bit harder to get out of the bottle but they look great! Because the glitter is more occasional in this polish it doesn't feel bumpy at all and a coat of topcoat smooths it out. Also it is worth noting that this is the only polish from C Varnish that I own that dries to a semi-matte finish. I think the glossy topcoat really finishes this product making it look squishy and juicy! This is a great summer polish- or for people like me who are clinging onto the hope that summer will never end a great all rounder.

So do you fancy owning your own bottle? The wonderful Jen has just restocked her Esty shop with (costing £4 each) but she also does great deals on mini bottles where you can pick which shades you want which hopefully she will be restocking soon. Don't forget you can also check out the C Varnish Facebook page for updates on upcoming collection! If you do pop buy C Varnish's store feel free to let Jen know that you heard about her here at PishPosh and Polish! (and let me know too, I would love to know what you order!)

What do you think about summer colours in winter?


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