Friday, 23 November 2012

C Varnsih Week: Cherry Bomb and C Varnish Summary

Today is the last post swatching my C Varnish minis, admittedly real life has got in the way a bit and my week of swatches has become a week and a half. It is frustrating that this week happen to collide with two quite big real life events, firstly I got a job! You all know that my job hunt has been rather arduous and I have recieved a few setbacks on the way. But at last I have a real adult, long houred job! And I am  now freaking out about it, but that is another story. The second big thing to happen to me last week was that I lost a close family member last week.

Anyway I have the last of my C Varnish swatches to share with you and I am ending with a stunner.

This is Cherry Pop. It a a purple plum jelly polish with a hint of neon filled with bright blue micro glitter and red hex's. Here is the bottle shot for you.

I applied two coats of Cherry Bomb over a bright purple unnamed polish I have in my stash ( but I think It would work well with China Glaze Flying Dragon as a base but I couldn't locate my bottle when I swatched this).  This polish is a little thin to be worn on it's own without doing at least three coats and I to avoid that if possible.  I think it would also look great over a more pinky base polish. This polish applied easily, each dip in the bottle came out with lots of glitter including those red hexs.

I love the bright jelly base. Again this is a great summer colour, I can't wait to wear this when the British sunshine can make all that glitter sparkle. Plus those cherry red glitters really do POP against the purple! 

Isn't it beautiful?  But then again I have loved all of my C Varnish Polishes. Lets take a quick look at all my swatches (click for a larger image):

Can I pick a favourite? No they are all so different. I love Cheshire Cat and Cherry Bomb they are both gorgeous purples. Queen of Hearts and Orange Cherry Pop were also surprise favourite s of mine and the bottle shots don't do them justice at all. I love Jen's eye for colour combinations like in Jello Shot, One Thing and Two Thing and Bubble Yum. I know a few of you have bought C Varnish polishes, I would love to see your photos and know what you think about this great brand. I have loved being able to work with Jen  she is a lovely lady and I have enjoyed helping promote such a great brand.

The wonderful Jen sells C Varnish through her  Esty shop . Don't forget you can also check out the C Varnish Facebook page for updates on upcoming collection! If you do pop buy C Varnish's store feel free to let Jen know that you heard about her here at PishPosh and Polish! (and let me know too, I would love to know what you order!) 


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