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H8ers Gonna H8? No thanks

So I've been pretty quite over the last week or so as I've been busy prepping some new posts for you guys which I am excited to share with you. But I had to break radio silence to talk about an issue that is circling round the nail polish community. I don't like getting involved normally but when I read about this last night I was so upset that I just had to say something!

Last night my attention was drawn to this post which stated that those bloggers that do not have a immaculate clean-up should not be blogging. At first I thought this was a joke, but the tone was clearly very negative. How can you possibly joke around saying "Clean up or die"?

The nail polish community by default is a place of occasional bitchy remarks, that is what happens when you stick loads of women together and make them stare at some tiny little nails. But really has it come to the point where you need to make a coalition against such imperfections and slights?

I remember a few months back there was a similar conversation on a popular forum I am a member of that upset me for the very same reasons. It spoke of "pet peeves" and  "car-crash" blogs where people only follow a certain blog in order to ridicule it and make fun of what they deemed to be a 'bad manicure'. What got me so much was there was no attempt to make the conversation more informative and helpful to such bloggers. When I started blogging I didn't know what clean-up was (hell I still paint way to close to my cuticle!) but maybe a helpful comment from one these ladies could really of helped improve these newbie blogs.  Why is there such an emphasis on laughing and bitchy about other ladies and no attempt to actually offer constructive criticism and practical help? 

For me I blog because I love nail polish, my blog is a journal for me to keep track on my attempts of new nail art and combinations. It is a place to record when I do something new and to celebrate when I do something good, but that doesn't mean I am not going to show you the bad as well. After all who just wants to read success stories? I know that lots of other bloggers blog for the same reason, I don't blog for popularity or for followers (although I love and appreciate you all), I blog for me! So it really bites to the core when you insult our hard work!

I have had quite a few comments in the year I have been blogging telling me my nails are 'ugly' or my paint job is 'really bad'. I must admit that even now when I get them they upset me, even when I know they shouldn't  Do I care about the slightly imperfect clean up? No.  Should you? No. But it seems many readers do. As I have stated time and time again, I am petite in size and therefore so are my hands, they are tiny and therefore so are my nails. Even if they were longer they would be small. Add to that the fact I play guitar (I know right, I have a life outside of nail polish!) and my nails will always be short.  My nails are therefore never going to be perfect, but who's (without the aid of some photo editing software) really are for that matter? My nails are real and the nail art I do is stuff that I actually wear out and it is stuff that you can do yourself at home.

When I follow a blog I look for that 'real' factor I will follow your blog whether you have painted cuticles or not. If you don't like a blog- if you don't like mine- that's fine. I'm not going to hate you for it, but you do not have to pointedly attack those blogs.  The article I linked you to above really upset me, it has shattered some of my faith in the nail polish community and I think it will be a long time before I ever regain that.

Plump and Polished has since written this defense post about the original article, stating that it was a joke that got out of hand. I would love to see this blog and some of the others who participated in this campaign write posts educating and helping bloggers on some more tricky aspects of blogging instead of making cruel jokes about them.

I will be adding the Eradicate H8 badge to my sidebar:

Please don't support bulling and if you are concerned about my paint job feel free to un-follow me. To all of you followers that don't care thank you, I am sorry you had to see me go into rant-mode.



  1. Well said Kerrie :) at top of my blog I basically put I paint too near cuticles. I left a group on Facebook when I'd posted my first ever stamping attempt and all I got was criticism for painting too near cuticles.

  2. well said my lovely...there is far to much bitching going on....yay for us nautral girlies! keep saying how it is hun xxxxx

  3. Completely agree, and I like yourself have tiny nail beds and sometimes struggle to keep it neat. My blog is about keeping it real and showing everyone they can try it out, not perfection. So shame on the haters! xo

  4. Couldn't agree more honey.

    I cannot abide bullying, especially on this scale. I was actually following some of the people who have 'joined up' to the hate campaign. Needless to say I don't do it now.

    People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones, or insults :)

  5. Its funny how she said she has removed insulting comments, yet she has left one up in favour of the cuticle clean up calling people who dont have clean manicures lazy and ignorant. I cant see the "joke or humour" in that comment.

  6. Pfft, I get nail polish everywhere. I try to clean most of it off my fingers before taking photos, but at the end of the day it's all about the nail art for me, and if my cuticles are a bit messy I don't particularly care. Don't get me wrong, I do admire beautifully clean cuticle lines on other people, but that's not an aspect I personally enjoy about painting my nails. And it's all about enjoyment :)

  7. I appreciate all you said Kerrie! Thank you for taking time to voice your thoughts! I hope more bloggers do t he same. There's no reason to make people feel bad over nail polish, polishing is about making yourself and others feel GOOD! :)

  8. There is just no reason for snottiness, ever. Live and let live. Like those little pink signs say, "Keep calm and paint your nails". ;) Awesome call, Kerrie, exhorting the owner of Plump & Polished to sport the anti bullying badge. What a great turnaround that would be!

  9. well said!

    This is a shame...I know loads of girls that do manicures to get away from everyday life. I know a few girls that have threatened to quit showing their pictures,after this cause got together...which is wrong!!! It may have started as a joke but, someone needs to seriously think...hmm ah yes..maybe some girls cant clean up because they physically cant! We're not all perfect - Ill never judge as Im far from perfect myself!

    Well thats my 2 cents!

  10. Thank you! This is one f my problems when I paint my nails, and I felt very much attacked by what she wrote, so thank you for what you said. Very true, and I completely agree with you.

  11. Well said Kerrie! I'm sorry you've had negativity on your own blog. :( I love what you do and I'm glad you keep going!

  12. If I find that badge on ANYONE'S blog I follow it will be an immediate un-follow. Luckily, so far, I only knew one of the bloggers. I will NOT put one ounce of support into a blog that would follow such a hateful and mean spirited campaign. It disgusts me and quite frankly, it pisses me off. She can back track and try to make light of it all but the fact of the matter is, a lot of people know the back story and THAT's what pisses people off. It's tacky and mean spirited, period.

  13. This was amazingly well said and genuine. I started my blog about a month ago and seeing the "B4CC" group was really discouraging. I started my blog as a place for creativity and inspiration not to be a place for judgment. I really appreciate you putting this out there!

  14. It makes me sad. I'm a new blogger and it almost makes me regret starting a blog but I started it for myself as a way to keep track of what I've worn and of what I learn along the way. I also thought it might be a great way to make some great new friends, but I guess maybe some people are too 'fussy' or 'picky' about the ones they want as friends and go by the book cover instead of the books contents. *sigh*

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. Wow! I had no idea this as going on until I saw it mentioned on Facebook. Brilliantly written post, nobody is perfect and blogging isn't about perfection; it's about learning from each other and having FUN! (At least for me) Shame on those who put so much energy into making others feel like crap.


  17. I paint my nails for myself, not for snooty people to tell me that I've done it wrong! I haven't posted in a while on my blog because a) I haven't had time but also, more importantly, b) I haven't really felt that I've got something special to blog about. Campaigns like that just reinforce that you need to be perfect and have the expensive polishes that most can't buy to be a popular blog.
    Great post, I love your blog x


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