Saturday, 3 November 2012

Respect the 'Stache: Part 3: Barry M

After my last post I didn't want to leave today on such a low note so you get tomorrow's post early, you lucky readers! So here I am with the next installment of my stash posts (The lovely Bee and Kirsten are doing this series too) and today I am showing you hands down my favorite brand of nail polish, Barry M!

Barry M is a native English brand that is both 3 free and doesn't test on animals. Add to that they have an amazing range of shades (all with great application) and are always up to date with the latest polish trends- this is a great brand to own. Plus they are super inexpensive and are always on offer. In short I love Barry and his M.

Barry M was the brand that got me into my polish obsession, they were the first UK brand to come up with the Crackle nail polish. I remember buying my bottle and this opened up a whole world to me on what to layer it over. I just had to have more polish so I could keep doing better and better combinations. Before long I wanted to do other forms of 'nail art' and so started to look at other brands of polish and techniques too! Barry M also introduced me to my first 'Croc Effect polish' and my first magnetic polish! My eyes goes misty just reminiscing! One thing I would love Barry M to do is 'Sprinkle' or Matte Glitter polishes like the Ninja Polish 'Floam' line. I think they would be able to do this so well. But at the moment this is just a pipe dream (unless Barry M is reading this).

Anyway enough chatter lets look at some polish! Remember you can check out parts one and two as well! 

First off the retro polishes L-R: Purple, Coral (it is alot more pink toned in real life) and Red which were made to celebrate Barry M's 30th Anniversary.

My three picks from the Gelly (Gel-like) line: Watermelon, Blackberry and Plum. I love this range of polishes they are one coaters and insanely glossy!

Croc Effects: Burgundy, Black and Orange Web Effects (Halloween limited edition)

Foil Effect Polishes: Lilac (Limited Edition), Silver, Gold.

Magnetics: Burgundy and Dark Silver.

Crackle Effects: White, Gold, Pink Fizz and two bottles of Black.

Glitters: Once Upon a Time, Lavender Hexograms, Jewel Britannia, Silver Glitter (Limited Edition with holographic lid)

Blues: Cobalt, Cyan Blue, Blue Moon.

Reds: Red Glitter, Raspberry, Bright Red.

Bright Pink, Shocking Pink, Bright Purple and Limited Edition (yes that is it's name it is a LE for Boots).

Coral, Peach Melba, Lemon Ice Cream and Yellow.

Two bottles of Spring green (they are much more green than the teal that my lightbox wants them to be). One bottle is remarkably more green than the other. The one on the left is more emerald green while the other is more a spring green. 

Two bottles of Black and Matte White on the end.

 And finally: Grey, Gold and Indigo.

Barry M features heavily in most of my nail art so have a scroll through my blog for swatches! There are also loads of Barry M's still on my wishlist- well a girl can dream can't she? What do you think of Barry M? I would love to hear what you think!



  1. I really like Barry M too, the bottle shape and the brush is great and I haven't had a dud one yet :D

  2. I am so jealous of anyone who has Barry M polish. They always look SO pretty! I love how you learned everything from Barry M. ;-)

  3. I have so many Barry M's. I'm doing my best to own every colour, but I have a special box just for Barry M polishes and there's no more room!

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