Saturday, 10 November 2012

The DIGIT-al Dozen does Music: Day 5: I wanna be a Rockstar

So we are at the end of the Digital Dozen's musical week and I wanted to end the week on a personal post. The manicure I am going to show you doesn't really link to music in any way, apart from to me. If I wear it out know one would know anything about it but in fact the history of  this manicure is kinda cool (to me at least!).

Lets start by seeing the manicure in question then I will fill in all the gaps:

Yep just your average crackle manicure. Or is it?  As you guys know one the reasons I don't have long nails is I play guitar, but what you might not know is that my boyfriend plays too. In fact he has 7 guitars and a few months ago he let me customise one of them for him. Of course I had to bring my nail polish obsession into it, so along with adding stickers I did this:

And a close up: 

I decided to paint the pick-up covers (they were originally black) in metallic nail polish and then I had the brain wave to add crackle! I love the result and so does my boyfriend!

So today's manicure matches! How cool is that?

So this manicure uses Barry M Gold and Silver Foil which I alternated on my fingers. These foil polishes are great, they are super pigmented which means that they only require one (two at a push) coats to reach opacity (this also means they are awesome for stamping). I chose these polishes originally for the guitar because they give a 'brushed' metal effect which I really wanted for the guitar pickups. After they were dry I used the Barry M Black crackle to create this cool effect. I added a coat of seche Vite on top, which really brings out the black of the crackle (it dries to a matte almost super dark grey colour if you don't add anything on top) and makes this manicure look shiny and prettyful.  

So there you go. I hope you enjoy today's post, It has been fun telling you the little story about something polish related that  doesn't involve my nails. Have you/ do you use polish for other stuff? I would love to know! Don't forget to check out the other manicure's posted as part of the week of challenges!



  1. These are awesome and the inspiration is fantastic! Love! :)

  2. I love this!! That's so awesome that you customized his guitar. So sweet. :)


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