Friday, 9 November 2012

The Digit-al Dozen does Music- Day Four: Dude Looks Like A Lady

Like I said back at the start of posting these music themed nails, I really struggled to come up with ideas which is stupid as I really love music. My dear friend Emma while brainstorming suggested trying to re-create  the manicure of a pop star. I thought this was an awesome idea and started researching celebrity manicures. I found quite a few but really wanted to do a recreation of a singer that I actually listen to rather than just doing it for the sake of it.

In the end I came up with this:

Can you guess which celebrity recreation this is? Ten points if you know.

Well this is Steven Tyler's signature nail look. That's right the frontman from Aerosmith! 

Lets take a quick look at Steven's  nails shall we?

So for my homage nails to Steven Tyler I created the 'nail stripe' look but decided to shake things up a bit. So here is my take on it:

I wanted to use a neutral base colour for this manicure, so I used my bottle of Zoya Pandora. Pandora needed two coats to reach opacity and it the shade that is most similar to my manikin hand shade. I topped this with Seche Vite to get yummy glossy nude nails! I then striped a line of polish freehand with the polish brush down the center of my nail. Easy! For this I used Man Glaze LesbiHonest.   

Lesbihonest is a fuchsia pink matte polish with an insane amount of hidden shimmer. I love the fact all my Man Glaze polishes apply like butter on toast and because they are super pigmented I only needed one coat of polish to create my stripes, and isn't it apt that I am using Man Glaze when recreating a MANicure. I left the stripes matte on purpose to create a nice contrast with the gloss of Pandora. I think this makes this look really edgy and rock and roll.

But why did I use pink? For once I am actually being quite clever...


 Off topic but...I can't believe we finally  have a new album from Areosmith: "Music From Another Dimension!" comes 11 years after their last album, the wait has almost been as bad as  G n' R's "Chinese Democracy" (and we all know what a let down that was), so I expecting great things!

I really love this style of manicure and you can bet I will be doing it again I love the burst of colour against the muted nude undertones, plus if you have short nails like me this manicure gives the optical illusion of making them seem longer! 

Do you copy  the celebrity manicure trends? What are your views on MANicures? I would love to know!



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