Wednesday, 7 November 2012

The DIGIT-al Dozen Does Music: Who is Nicki Minaj?

So for the second installment of the Digit-al Dozen does music I copped out, I'm sorry O.K? Don't hate me. I have a mini set of OPI Nicki Minaj collection that I bought from Sally's when they were clearing their stock a while back and they have been sat here gathering dust. So for this manicure my musical  link is Nicki Minaj. I'm sorry but I don't even know who she is (should I?) let alone any of her music.  My blog may be any many things but you can't say I'm not truthful.

So lets just get on with the manicure shall we and then we can forget this ever happened...

So I decided to skittle the four polishes in the mini collection and then add dots in a contrasting shade, clever eh?

Lets start with Did It On 'Em which is the yellow toned green and probably my favourite colour from the collection. I haven't got any other polishes like this, it is very pretty in a eye-watering acid green kind of way. I really like it. It is similar to OPI's Fiercely  Fiona but more green toned. This was actually quite thick and took two coats to reach glossy opacity.

Then we have Pink Friday, this pink is a nice shade but pretty unremarkable to me. I do like the blue spots as a contrast though. This was thinner and took three coats until I was happy with it.

The blue- Fly- is a nice shade of blue but again is pretty unremarkable, I need to compare this to Barry M Cobalt. People say this verges on teal but really (for me at least) it's Blue. This polish was by far the one one with superior coverage taking only two thin coats to look good on the nail.

Lastly I have Metallic 4 Life, this is the most original of the collection (of course there is also Save Me which is the bar glitter polish but that wasn't part of this set). I don't have another polish like this, it is jammed packed with square and hex silver glitter in a black jelly base.It applies kind of sheer to start with but is easily build-able in three coats or with black undies! It has that edgy rock chick look to it which I really like and I defiantly need to try this as a full manicure!

The Nicki Minaj collection  has the very nice (Metallic 4 Life and Did It On 'Em) overshadowed by easily dupable and frankly quite safe shades. I am sure this is a must have for any fan  but for me this doesn't have the Wow factor of the Katy Perry  collectionor the promise of the Mariah  shades.So in all this has been a kind of apathetic post from me but I am back tomorrow literally showing you my love of music!  Stayed tuned!



  1. Not a cop out at all! I like it! Truth be told I don't know much of her songs either, maybe I've heard her but I couldn't name any! :)

  2. The mani is cute!! Lol she's a rapper and I'm not a big fan either!

  3. oh honey this is sooooo funny, but we've all done it!! Remember my Addams Family based on the Crows Toes lol. Oh and one more word for you - boom-da-boom-boom-boom-da-boom-boom-hey

  4. She's a terribly rapper :P But the nails are SUPER cute!


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