Monday, 31 December 2012

ABC Challenge... F is for Fashion Addict

This post was supposed to go up on Thursday, the same as the lovely Bee and Emma's posts however somewhere along the line I completely forgot to post this. I am sorry ladies, but better late than never right? Plus you don't have as long to wait for the next post do you?

So today I am continuing my untried polishes by using Color Club's Fashion Addict for my polish starting with F.

Before the Holo Hues collection was released Color Club (errgh I hate typing colour the american way) gave us a few holographic offerings, Fasion Addict is one of them.

Fashion Addict is a powder pink verging on mauve lightly holographic polish. What I mean by that is that it is a linear holographic polish but you can't expect as much shift as say the China Glaze OMG series. However with the pretty, feminine and delicate colour of this polish this lighter holographicness seems to really work and not take away from the base colour in the way I find some of the stronger holo polishes can.

This is two coats, this polish starts life rather sheer but easily builds in two coats (you could add three if you like). I found that this polish did drag a little of the second coats but you do have to expect that with a holographic polish.  

In this picture you can see that I really should have gone for another coat but trust me it wasn't noticeable in real life.  This is such a pretty colour and somewhere along the line I have ended up with two bottles of this, luckily with two sisters, a mother and a mother-in-law who all like polish too there are lots of hands happy to help me out.

What would you choose for your F polish? I would love to know!

Happy New Year

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