Thursday, 6 December 2012

D is for Data Squirrel by Nerd Lacquer

Today is D of the Alphabet and I am going to show you another untried polish but first I have to say something... 

Today's polish has sat in the vault for a while now and the actual polish is no longer in my possession because I swapped it away because I am a good polish fairy and love helping others to satisfy any lemmings they desperately have.

 You might wonder why I am telling you this. Basically I was looking at swatches of this polish today and noticed that my swatches look nothing like any of the others I have seen for this polish. Annoyingly I don't have the original polish to refer back to so I'm not entirely sure if it is my camera not capturing the true colour of this polish or bad lighting or (and sadly I think that this is the true reason) my polish has actually faded or changed over time. If I had known this before I wouldn't have swapped it away, but my swapper hasn't complained so maybe it IS just me being paranoid.  I know of another lady who had a bottle of I think you call me... Sexy which turned from blue to purple. This polish  photos seems far too coppery instead of red for me to be happy. This is frustrating as this polish has been in my possession for quite a while now, I bought it new just as people started to figure out that Amanda from Nerd Lacquer wasn't coming back anytime soon (please don't think that I am complaining , I know the reason for this and totally understand and support her extended absence) and it has sat in a dark cardboard box out of direct sunlight ever since with all my other indies.  So in short I have no idea if this polish is correct or not. I am really sorry I can't be more helpful, but I want to honest with  you dear readers. I'll let you make up your own minds...

 My descriptions herein will refer to my bottle alone. Data Squirrel is a russet coppery brown polish with a leaning towards red. Within it's murky antique depths are turquoise, silver, red, copper, emerald green micro and larger hex glitters.

Like all Nerd Lacquer polishes this applied smoothly and is the perfect amount of glitter to base meaning that it requires little effort. Here are two thin coats on their own. This polish dries to a lovely glossy finish and is very smooth without the aid of topcoat but with a coat of trusty SV this polish looks beautiful.

Here in this close-up you can see the array of differing glitters on offer in this polish. Yet they work well together, never does this polish seems overcrowded with competing coloured glitter, they all seem to harmoniously sit side by side.   

Here's a bottle shot for you. It does look more red in the bottle but is far from the red I have seen in other photos. However I hate to write such a negative post. This polish is very pretty even if it isn't exactly what I expected to be . I can still appreciate the artistry of Nerd Lacquer and think this is a very pretty polish with great application. 

Remember that Emma and Bee  are doing this challenge with me check out what polish they picked for there D polish! What would you have picked? 


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