Monday, 10 December 2012

Digit-al Dozen DOES Festiveness: Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow!

So today I am doing another round of the Digit-al Dozen's five day posts, I am really excited to welcome so new ladies to this challenge that have actually been a big inspiration of mine for a while (yes I have totally been manicure crushing on them) so this is a boost for me to try and do even better than before.

Today I combining the Digit-al Dozen's festive themes with another Christmas themed challenge I am doing each Monday. The prompt for this Monday was "Let Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow!". This is what I came up with, I am rather pleased with it actually.

I decided to try a glitter gradient. This is only my second time doing one of these but I don't know why I don't do them more often because I love the effect. So my base colour here is two coats of Barry M Blue Moon, which is a vintage blue that almost verges towards being an off white. Honestly I don't think I can pull off such light colours with my skintone but this is a perfect winter polish.  The first coat of blue moon always applies streaky and look white and every time I use this I am surprised that the colour builds so quickly. I do love Barry M they haven't let em down yet!  

My gradient is done with Crows Toes Angel Paint/ Bunny Slope. I have been lusting after this polish since I saw it over at The Crumpet and knew I needed to own a bottle, it is so delicate and pretty and unlike anything else I own. It reminds me of a mix between snow and lace. This polish is made up of tiny micro white glitter and holographic silver glitter (in these photos it looks black but it isn't!).

My gradient method might not be the most scientific but it works for me. Basically I remove half of the glitter on my brush on the rim of the polish bottle apply it in a dabbing motion about half way down my nail. After doing this the teeny amount of glitter still let of my brush is applied above this to cover the point just above midway. I dot the glitter around to create a graduated effect. Lastly I paint a  messy french tip onto my nail using a fresh dip into the polish to create full saturation on the ends of each nail. I find this much easier than faffing around with sponges. 

I really love this, so simple yet instantly Christmas on the nail! I wonder if here in the south east of the UK we will get any snow. Have you had any yet this year?



  1. I love this polish and the gradient is great! Makes me want snow!!

  2. Love it! I agree, looks like a snowglobe! :)

  3. Very pretty :) I thought the glitter was loose glitter!

  4. Beautiful and perfectly wintery :)

  5. Love it!!! Love the color combos and the design. It looks like it has real snow on it. Great job girl!

  6. Very pretty! It looks so frosty :)


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