Tuesday, 11 December 2012

The Digit-al Dozen does Festiveness: It's a Christmas Story

So today's post originally was supposed to include nail art, I wanted to try using a new Christmas themed polish that I picked up from Darling Diva Polish as the base, however once I applied it I found it was just too pretty on it's own to cover with my attempts at nail art, so today's Digit-al Dozen post is just a swatch and review. Trust me I have some awesome nail art to come though! 

This is Darling Diva Polish's A Christmas Story. It is a mixture of traditional red and green holographic micro glitter in a red tinted soupy base. 

This polish is amazing, the photos really can't show how beautiful this polish really is. It is a bit on the thin side so I would suggest doing what I have done here and layering this over a deep red polish. I used Revlon Ruby Ribbon. This is just one coat, it is insane how much glitter you can get. The red base really adds depth to this polish and makes the glitter really intense and jewel-encrusted.This polish applied with no issues at all! Yay!

Those tiny glitter makes this polish so complex that it looks great for any angle. What makes this polish come alive however is a good layer of top coat. This polish becomes uber smooth and glassy and it doesn't diminish the sparkle of that glitter at all, but rather makes the polish look complete. This layering combination looks so professional I would never have guessed this was an Indie.

  This polish is the epitomy of festiveness and got the boyfriend stamp of approval too. If you only buy one indie holiday polish get this one. It is so simple and yet so elegant.  You can buy a bottle here on Etsy



  1. WOW! I can't believe it's only one coat! Super pretty :)

  2. Wow!!! I super like this mani for it looks elegant and classy. This mani is not only perfect for this season but all year round!

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