Friday, 21 December 2012

Top Ten Polishes of 2012

Today I am going to give you a run down of my top ten polishes of 2012. I am really surprised at some of the polishes that made it through there are pinks and even a nude polish in there. I can see that my tastes have really involved this year and I am excited to see what awesome polishes are coming out next year (I am already eying up OPI's Liquid Sand and Nails Inc Concrete and Leather polishes as well as those new CG holos)!

So here we go in no particular order (I am sorry about my nails in some of these older photos):

Illamasqua Collide
Here this polish has been team up with Lush Lacquer's Mr Bubble. This was the colour of my summer, a perfect neon pink creme that was easy to work with and long lasting. This is just a happy colour. (Side not I see that Illamasqua is re-releasing Raindrops in the new year this is my polish goal to own that shade in 2013).

W7 Mosaic
Not only is this a British brand but it is super cheap. If that wasn't enough they were also the first brand to repliacte the 'sprinkle' effect of an Indie brand. Not to mention this is a dupe of Nails Inc Pudding Lane. This polish looks really fun, fresh and complex. I love the addition of the gold against the blue. Perfect! I could wear this again and again.

C Varnish Cheshire Cat
This was a surprise stunner for me. A mauve creme packed with purpley glitter and bright purple diamond glitter. The description alone makes me drool. This polish is really unique and much more complex than in looks in the photos. Plus I really enjoyed working with the lovely Jen from C Varnish this year.

K B Shimmer Shattered Hearts
Yet another neon pink that I was obsessed with this summer. K B Shimmer was one of my first Indie experiences and I love all her polishes that I own. Not only was this my first shard  glitter experience but started my love affair with shaped glitter (hearts in this case). I love the black in this, it has such a rebel, edgy feel to it. This is what I call a rebellion polish! It's hardcore!!!

Hits Moonbow
Earlier this year I was asked as part of challenge to show you my fav polish. I ended up picking Hits Moonbow and at the end of the year it is still in my list. The colour changing qualities of the glitter is magical, I love the flip from pink to purple, to green and blue. I really need to invest in a back up bottle consider Hits are so tiny.

China Glaze Fast Track
At the start of the year I hated nudes with a passion, by the end a nude polish makes my top ten! This layering combination (with Essie Shine of the Times) is almost my permanent pedi combo. For that alone it has to have a spot on my top ten, let alone seeing how pretty the photo above looks. This is the shade that has inspired a throng of nude polishes to be added to my wishlist for 2013.

Glitzology Baby Dragon
This is a recent chart topper, this polish is like an explosion of glitter and there are so many facets to it's beauty.  I love the mix of purple and green glitters so much. It really does seem almost neon in the right lighting! Glitzology is a relatively new brand but how did I ever live with out it?  If it wasn't for glitter removal this baby would be on all the time!

Fashionista Mythical Dragon
It proves that this year it has been the smaller national brands that have really been catching my eye this year.  First W7 and now Fashionista. The bigger multinational brands need to really up their game. Mythical Dragon is the perfect teal, metallic with a magical colour shift. If you liked China Glaze Riveting this is ten times better (plus it's teal!).  The polish doesn't photograph badly and everyone I know who has a bottle raves about this polish!

Darling Diva Polish A Christmas Story 
This polish is a stunner, not only is it Christmas in a bottle but this THE BEST polish in terms of easy application verses payoff on the nail. This is my Christmas Manicure sorted, I can give it no higher praise than that.

 And Finally...
The Hungry Asian Strawberry
This was my number one lemming of this year, I NEEDED this polish so much. I really should get a full-sized back up bottle (plus there are about 5 other polishes I NEED by from her!). Not only am I shocked that I was so desperate for a red polish, but this polish is rather simple compared to some of the glitter bombs I have shown you this year. Yet this polish is a juicy delight that looks amazing both in the bottle and on my nails.

So there you have it... my top ten polishes of 2012. I wonder what 2013 will bring.

Happy Holidays everyone



  1. Mad props for being able to choose. I never could! Also, I'm DYING for that Fast Track/Shine of the Times combo. I need to try this!

  2. that Darling Diva is my fave EVER on you xx

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  4. Wow!!! These nail designs are so pretty. I super love the colors and the design. Any of these nail colors will be perfect for this season. Great job!

  5. The hungry asian Strawberry may have too go on my wishlist , you have some stunning polishes in the list :D Happy New Year Kerrie :D

  6. Happy New year Kerrie, great post! Love that KB Shimmer and HA Strawberry, I'll have to update my wish list!


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