Tuesday, 15 January 2013

31 Day Challenge: Dots!!!

Today is a lazy day manicure, but at least I have my lighting sorted and have some pretty pictures to share with you. This polish literally only came today from my lovely friends Sally's blog sale. This is another polish to subdue my lustings for The Hungry Asian's Strawberry- oh wait I have it now! Well you can never have to many copies of this one right? I need to grab the rest of the Accessorize Sprinkle range now!

So my dots today are actually in the polish. I really love using my dotting tool but I wanted to use this polish  much more! So this is Accessorize Ladybug and is part of their  sprinkle range. Sadly Accessorize is no longer a brand I can get easily since I moved away from Reading and the bigger shops. So Ladybug is a scarlet red jelly base with lots of black micro glitter throughout.

This is two coats and as you can see the glitter is easily dispersed on the nail. Sometimes I find that these sprinkle polishes can drag a bit but this one seemed fine. The polish dried almost semi-matte so I added a coat of Seche Vite which not only made it glossy but smoothed out those glittery bumps.

The polish is much lighter than the almost burgundy colour that it appears in the bottle.  Yet this polish is perhaps a shade darker than The Hungry Asian Strawberry and seems to have more glitter as well. I will try and post a comparison of this soon! 

Don't forget to check the links below for the other dotting manicures today, and I will be back tomorrow with stripes!



  1. This is a cute polish. I'm surprised this is the first time I've heard of it.

  2. ACK! Love this polish! Totally agree with Stella - can't believe this is the first time hearing about it?! Looks great on you!


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