Monday, 14 January 2013

31 Day Challenge: Gradients

Today I have a bit of a nail fail for you today, oddly enough if is not the manicure itself but the photos. If you have been on Instagram or Facebook in the last 24 hours then you already know my drama! I have recently purchased a nice new daylight bulb and I am still getting my set-up finalised. My camera decided it really didn't like the set up I used to take the photos for this challenge- plus the fact my new shaped but ultra-nubbinised nails seem to require special attention. Thus you only get one photo and it it's not great, but trust me the manicure looked spectacular in person!

So lets keep this one brief shall we? This is a base of Zoya Pandora, a lovely pink toned nude polish with some subtle shimmer. I then did a little gradient with 365 Days of Color in Gimme Some Bubbly which I received in my holiday grab bag just after Christmas.  This polish consists of a shimmer golden soup-like base it micro and hex golden glitter suspended throughout! The base was sheer enough with this polish that I could easily create a gradient effect.  Did I mention that this polish also smells of strawberries and champagne?  

Hopefully I will have better luck with tomorrows post! Do you have any tips for the perfect set up?



  1. I love that you post photos you're not over the moon about ♥ I do that, too, like, the show mush go on, lol. I love your mani, a nude creme with a gold glitter gradient is so very stunning ♥

  2. Love that shimmer! At least your camera could pick that up! Mine hates shimmer! :) Just you wait until you see my wed. and thurs. manis! Hahahahaha! :)

  3. I love these colors together! I wish my glitter gradients could look dainty like this one >.<


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