Thursday, 31 January 2013

31 Day Challenge: Inspired by a song

After doing the Digit-al Dozen does music week only a couple of months ago I was pretty stuck on what to do for this challenge. I decided to try what my dear friend Debbie from The Crumpet calls a recycled manicure, so you will see the base polish from this manicure again VERY SHORTLY!

I bet you have no idea what this manicure is in reference to right? Well this is a grey Saran (cling film) manicure over a blue polish. I always think that Saran manicure creates a almost 'smoke-like' effect... Hmm Smoke over something blue... it almost looks like water...


Yes that's right the classic tune,  Deep Purple: Smoke On The Water!

I have never tried this technique before but you can be sure I will be attempting this again with more contrasting colours. The base of this polish is Zoya Kotori (which I am not going to talk about too much here).  The Grey is Barry M Grey. There seems to be two ways to doing this kind of manicure one adds polish with a ball of plastic wrapping while the other removes some. I have gone for the latter here, by top coating Kotori and letting it dry and then applying a coat of Barry M Grey and then I used the plastic toremove some of the grey. Because both colours are so dark the effect is quite subtle but I really love the sparkling glitter poking through, this effect adds so much depth!

Later today I am back with a polish starting with K, can you guess what polish it might be?


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