Monday, 28 January 2013

31 Day Challenge (Relaxed): Water Marble (kinda)

I am back to blogging and the 31 Day Challenge (that actually last more than 31 Days), I have lots of posts to catch up with so expect those later from me!

Today's theme is the dreaded water marble, I have attempted this several times and I'm not sure it is my water (which is extremely hard and a bugger for an avid tea-drinker like me) or just the fact I haven't got the knack to it yet but I cannot get a successful water marble. So today you get a Needle Marble instead, which I am far better at!

For this I used my tried and test method (which is in a handy tutorial form here) to create this cute pastel skittle marble. How simply adorable is it? I love the lilac and yellow nail so much!

So this manicure uses so cute colours from Barry M, there is Bright Pink, Lemon Ice Cream, Peach Melba, Blue Moon and Limited Edition (purple) all in there. 

This manicure makes me long for spring and my pastel polishes! I also love this technique it is so super easy and looks really effective, especially from a distance.  

So tomorrow I am back with the next installment, which is inspired by a colour! 



  1. Love this! It reminds me of cotton candy! Very pretty!

  2. You do the prettiest needle marbles! I love the pastels you used.

  3. Love the colors and technique! Fabulous! I haven't done needle marble yet.


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