Friday, 4 January 2013

31 DC: Green

Back again with the next part of the 31 day challenge (relaxed version) thanks goodness it is the weekend now and I get two days rest! Today's post is green, yay!

Well techincally there is a bit of pink in there too but who cares about that, I think the two colours go together well. This manicure uses two coats of Barry M Spring Green as a base colour, I just love this emerald green creme, it is a perfect green in my opinion. Super opaque and glossy it is just perfect!

I then used two coats of Hare Polish Asteroid Turf, which is a slightly more of a olive toned green with lots of hot pink glitter suspended  throughout. But I could probably have gotten away with no undies with this polish as it builds quickly on it's own. Oh how I love this combination.  The glitter is so easy to find in the bottle and it applies easily on the nail. On my accent nail I used some neon pink matte rhinestones I found on Ebay.

This is so fun and so me, I will be sad to take this manicure off.   But after the weekend I am back with Blue nails to it isn't all bad! Don't forget to look at the other green manicures posted today!



  1. Agreed, great combo!! I think this HARE is still sitting in my untrieds. I especially love those rhinestones. Great job :D

  2. I totally use that Hare polish for green when I did the 31 Day Challenge in August!

  3. I so need to use this Hare now! It's been sitting untried for awhile! So pretty!


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