Friday, 4 January 2013

31DC Yellow FT ABC Challenge

So today is almost a lazy post from me it combines my next 31 Day Challenge post (yellow) with the weekly Thursday Challenge of Alphabet nails (we are now on G).

Yellow is really not my colour, it brings all the yellow tones out in my skin. Ironically however, I like this manicure more than my orange ones from yesterday, go figure!

The base of this manicure is two coats of GOSH Yellow Bombay, maybe my favourite yellow. This polish is a really intense and pigmented yellow and applies easily without being to streaky. Yellow Bombay is packed with glittery shimmer which makes the polish have more depth. It is a really fun summer polish, and so much nicer than those srteaky goopy yellow polishes I normally have.

So that is the yellow part now time for the G part. I  then painted Steve Tyler stripes in GOSH Galaxy. Galaxy is a really complex polish that is hard to describe. Lets take a look at a bottle shot:

This polish is a coppery charcoal with lots of duochrome glitter that flashes orange/ green/ red and even blue in the right light.  This is also a untried, continuing my theme with the alphabet challenge. I used two coats  on the nail as this polish is a little sheer. However it dries lovely and glossy all on it's own, although I added my trusty SV on top.

I added some little black lines as well with my Sally Hansen nail art pen to tie the look together. It looks great and I can't wait to try Galaxy next time on it's own!

Don't forget Emma and Bee are doing the ABC Challenge too, go check out their polishes starting with G. What would you have picked? Also don't forget to check out the other ladies yellow manicures by clicking on the links below! Tomorrow is green yay!



  1. omg, I love everything about this. AND I want to know so much more about that Gosh polish! *chanting* swatch it! swatch it!


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