Thursday, 10 January 2013

ABC Challenge... H is Hot Mess (plus 31DC: Metallic nails)

I swatched this polish a while back but wanted to keep this polish especially for this challenge, this is my polish starting with H and it is also my metallic manicure for the 31 Day Challenge.

This is Monster Lacquer Hot Mess from the Rebel Lacquer Collection. Hot Mess is a violet toned pink with a pearly almost foil-like finish. It is a little bit sheer on it's first coat but can build easily on the nail. My photos show three coats.  The interesting thing about this polish is the glitter. These are black circle glitter, but on the nail  under the pink polish they look almost violet! As per usual I have added topcoat here to complete the look.

Application wise the polish itself applies smoothly and evenly, although I did have to fish for the glitter and then place it on the nail. I would suggest painting two coats of polish first and then try to fish for the glitter on your third coat. However this placement really doesn't bother me, in fact I quite like the element of control this brings to the polish.

Also did I say how insane the blue flash is in this polish? You can see it clearly in the photo below.

I am really loving circle glitter at the moment, it looks really funky on the nail and even though it is big and chunky doesn't have any sharp corners to catch on things! This is such a girly polish but I like the dark, edgy twist of the glitter!

You can purchase all Monster Lacquer products including hot mess through Etsy  where you can purchase both full and mini sized bottles and don't forget keep up to date through Facebook with the latest news!

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