Thursday, 17 January 2013

ABC Challenge... I is For Orly It's Not Rocket Science

Today being Thursday means you get the next trip into my untried pile and today I am IN LOVE. Today's letter is I and while looking through my stash I found It's Not Rocket Science by ORLY. I don't have much experiance with ORLY as a brand mainly because they are harder to find here in the UK but all the ones I have got I really like. When I spotted this little green gem I just knew I had to try it and as luck would have it I could use it for this upcoming challenge a week later!

Prepare yourself for slightly more photos than normal:

I don't know where those stray bits of glitter are from on my middle finger, they are certainly not from this polish!

It's Not Rocket Science has popped straight onto my list of top green polishes, I adore this too much! It's Not Rocket Science is a olive toned green jammed packed with green/gold glitter flecks that create a very decadent, complex almost antique feel. It reminds me of a holographic polish without the rainbow spectrum effect. This is not a traditional colour by any means yet it just looks so classy and sophisticated on the nail!

Application wise this polish was a little streaky on the first coat but applied easily and built well with a second coat of polish. It also dried really glossy and you could easily have not top-coated this if you didn't have time on your hands.  

In the sun this polish just dazzles.

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Look out for a polish starting with J next week!


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