Saturday, 26 January 2013

ABC Challenge... J is for Barry M Jewel Britannia

I am back! How exciting is this, so the snow finally melted and I got home but not before busting open my lip and making the right hand side of my face swell up to a massive degree. I am still in considerable pain and pepped up on paracetamol! But enough of that!

Today I am bringing you the next part of the Alphabet challenge I am doing with the fabulous Bee and Emma (check out the great polishes they chose this week too).

I got really freaked out that I couldn't find a polish starting with J until Emma pointed out that I had this gem of a Barry M in my stash photos. So here is Barry M Jewel Britannia.

Jewel Britannia is a red, silver and blue glitter mix with lots of small micro silver glitter mixed into a clear base. This polish was created after the Queen's golden jubilee last year. It was limited edition and only available on the Barry M website but I think that it has become a permanent line and can now be purchased in store.  

This polish is defiantly a topper, I paired one coat of Jewel Britannia over Techincs Nude which I got from my sister for Christmas. I found that the Barry M is a little on the thin and runny side and requires the dabbing technique to get a nice coverage over the nail but looks really great once applied.  The blue and red really pop! I then added a coat of Rimmel Matte topcoat, because matte glitter looks amazing! 

This reminds me of a indie polish with it’s unique combination of colours, It is great to see on-trend polishes from  great British Brands (did you know that Barry M are also bringing out texture polishes like the OPI Liquid Sand polishes? I will be grabbing those ASAP).  

Anyway I plan to be back to posting as normal come next week. Until then, enjoy!


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