Thursday, 31 January 2013

ABC Challenge: K is for Zoya Kotori

As I hinted about earlier today's manicure for the ABC challenge should come as no surprise, welcome to the stage another untried- Zoya Kotori.

I have such a love hate relationship with this polish. Kotori is a deep ocean blue shimmer polish in a darkened black jellyish base. The first coat was a yucky sheer mess but by the second coat it started to  build and by the third coat it was fine.

The dark base of this polish really adds depth and the shimmer is really magical! It really is a pretty colour.

But wait... didn't you say love hate? Yes I did. Application was a big problem with this from me which is a shame as I am a big Zoya supporter!  I am not against  three coats of polish but this polish did not want to dry, it dragged and left bald patches and even after three coats I think I could really have done with another. This is such a shame as I want to love this so much! Maybe someone more patient would do better with this polish but for me I didn't work. I had to re-do two of the nails for this manicure to look at all respectable!

I don't know if this polish will be staying with me or not yet, I haven't decided! I guess with almost half way through the ABC Challenge and most of the polish being untried I was bound to stumble onto a polish I am not 100% happy with.

Anyway have you checked what Emma or Bee chose for the letter K? (If not go do it!)


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