Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Monster Lacquer Zodiac

Today I am reviewing a polish from Monster Lacquer that I was kindly sent for review.  This beauty is Zodiac and proves that not all indies have to be glitter bombs!

Is this polish blue or is it green? I have spent ages trying to figure this out and all I can say for certain that the duo-chrome shift in this is so strong that it is really hard to tell. It looks like a exotic lagoon if you ask me and is part of Monster Lacquer's Rebel Lacquer Collection.

Application wise the first coat was quite sheer but it is easily buildable. This polish applies like any other foil so you need to use minimal brush strokes if you don't like visible brush lines, like I do. This is three coats and as you can see it is pretty opaque here. Of course you could also layer this polish over blue or even black to create different effects. The polish applied smoothly without any issues. Doesn't this polish just look stunning? I added a topcoat to this as it dries almost semi matte.

What I like most about this polish is the gold shimmer that comes out under direct light, It really brings this polish alive! You can really see it in the unfocused photo above. This polish is just so complex and lovely and shows that Indie Polishes are not synonymous with glitter after all! 

You can purchase Monster Lacquer products through Etsy  where you can purchase both full and mini sized bottles and don't forget keep up to date through Facebook with the latest news!

The inclusion of this graphic means that the product above was sent to me by review. All opinions are honest and all information is correct at the time of writing.


  1. brilliant post sweet heart, the colour is amazing! xxxx

  2. It is nice to see indie polishes that aren't just a big blast of glitter! This one looks really pretty

  3. A really cute colour, so sweet:)

  4. Would love to see this with different underwear colours to see how duo changes

  5. I love this, its so very pretty. I think your description of an exotic lagoon is spot on. Nice post Kerrie!


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