Wednesday, 30 January 2013

The 31 Day Challenge: Inspired by a colour

So the 31 Day Challenge continues and today is inspired by a colour, actually my manicure is inspired by two colours that make up my new (uber cute) phone case:

That's right pink and yellow nails! Lets take a closer look:

This challenge gave me a chance to use one of my untried polishes, Pretty and Polished Peebles. Peebles is a instant jelly sandwhich polish, consisting of bright almost verging on neon pink jelly polish which one it's own is to die for. Then add in some pink and yellow hex and micro glitter and you have something so cute that you can almost explode from cuteness overload!

My accent nail is NYC Polish in Lexington Yellow (two coats). This is a great pigmented yellow creme and I desperately needed one that was streak-free.

So how did Peebles apply? Actually really well, this is two coats and there is still some VLN but not enough to be distracting. I haven't used underwear here but any pink would really intensify the colour if you were so inclined. This polish looks so lush and squishy on the nail. I really love it. The glitter easily applied with the polish with no need for fishing and the yellow hex polish look really lovely submerged in all that pink!

I loved wearing this combination and It looked great paired with my phone!

Have you ever co-ordinated your nails with an accessory? 


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