Saturday, 12 January 2013

The Digit-al Dozen does Art (and the 31 DC Rainbow nails): Brush Stroke manicure.

This is my last Digit-al Dozen art post. I have really pushed myself with this challenge and I hope that you have enjoyed the results. I am sorry about some of the random shaped nails in the photo, this was the last manicure I have done before I shaped my nails (they look okay ish, you will get photos of them on Monday).

This is a brushstroke manicure my friends. The result looks much better and brighter than my camera could capture trust me. This manicure started off life as two coats of Barry M Matte White- which has almost featured in every manicure this week!

I tried to copy this Brushstroke tutorial here. 

Basically all I did was pop a tiny blob of polish onto a sheet of paper and then disperse it on the ends of a fan shaped nail brush. I then lightly swiped it randomly over the nail. I did the same with all my colours, overlapping them slightly to get this random artsy effect. It is super easy- trust me!

The polishes I used for this were all  from the Color Club Poptastic collection. Slightly sheer polishes seem to work best for this as they merge into one another better! I found that less is more with this type of manicure, so will  be trying this one again as I love the result!

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  1. So pretty! Love the colors! I haven't tried this technique yet.

  2. How fun!! I love the end result and that the technique sounds so easy


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