Tuesday, 8 January 2013

The Digit-al Dozen does Art (plus 31DC Violet nails): Day Two: Keith Haring inspired

Thank you all so much  for the response to yesterdays nails, I am glad you loved them as much as me! Today I am bringing you nail art inspired by an American street artist from the 80's. I really love this manicure, I feel it encapsulates the manic hand drawn feel of street art. It is intentionally not perfect, I rushed the black lines so that you got uneven thickness and things that are slightly off center much like the style of the artist himself!

So these are inspired by Keith Haring. 

I used bright pastel shades that are almost verging towards neon in this manicure, which gives it a garshish, in-your-face, 80's and early 90's vibe (think Fresh Prince). I used Barry M Lemon Ice Cream, Limited Edition (it's purple), Bright Pink and Picture Polish Honeydew for this and then drew the lines with my Sally Hansen nail art pen.

I used a WAH nail image as inspiration for this manicure,and for me this is a perfect tribute to Haring, it is vivid and is all about motion and less worried about perfection (isn't that nice!). 

And look there is violet in there so this counts towards my 31 Day Challenge post too!

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