Wednesday, 6 February 2013

31 Day Challenge: Inspired by Fashion

Today's nails are simply inspired by my new satchel bag which I got for my birthday (and you can get here) and are a  great addition to the 31 Day Challenge (Relaxed version).

Here is a photo of the bag in question (complete with Instagram filter):

So this manicure uses two coats of Techincs nude, which is my go to nude creme at the moment. I then free hand painted half of my nail with Barry M Indigo. I love the contrast between the vivid purple and the subdued tan, and this design looks really fashionable and funky and it so simple to create and just requires a steady hand. You could do a tape manicure to create this if you want but honestly I don't think you need to. 

As a finishing effect I added a coat of Matte Top Coat so that that it matched my bag! Sadly matte nails seem to chip instantly on me which is a shame but so totally worth it!

Do you match your nails to your outfits and accessories?



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