Thursday, 7 February 2013

31 Day Challenge: Inspired by a Pattern or When Mitzi met Trixie

Today I am back with another 31 Day Challenge post, this time inspired by a pattern. My lovely boyfriend bought me a new camera for my birthday last week and I finally got to use it and wow is it great, hopefully my photos will really improve but I would love to hear your thoughts too on what you think!

Anyway this manicure is just a skittle mani as I was practicing using my striper brush which is still a bit unwieldy, but I think I am getting better. The trick is not to overload the brush.

This manicure uses a base of Zoya Trixie which is now my favourite silver, it almost has a mirror shine to it and looks exactly as amazing as it does in these photos. This is two coats but this polish is so highly pigmented you could easily just use one.  Trixie is a bold and brash silver foil with added silver shimmer, it applied easily and this photo is without topcoat!

I then used Zoya Mitzi (I used to have a cat call Mitzie too!) to create some contrasting patterns on my nails. I used my striper brush and dotting tool for this. I love the contrast between the metallic and the matte polishes which is why I didn't topcoat this.  The longevity of this is also great, this is day two and there are no chips or tipwear which is really surprising with how much I type and use my hands!

I so wish that Zoya was easier to get over here, I need some more of the matte polishes!!

I really love this manicure! Don't forget to check out all the other manicures for this challenge below. I'm off to go play with my new camera!



  1. Love these colors together! Love the new camera! And am loving the new nail length too! All around love! :)

  2. Great combo, is so funny and daring, metallic and neon :)



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