Thursday, 7 February 2013

ABC Challenge... L is for Darling Diva Polish Loop De La

Today's polish is one that I received in a swap a few months back and I have been putting off wearing it, there are hardly any photos of this at all on google so I really didn't know what to expect. I love Darling Diva Polish I have a few (and here)  of her polishes and haven't been disappointed but yellow is a no no with my skintone and this polish is already in my swap pile. This makes me a sad Kerrie.

Loop De La is a fun mixture of lots of different shaped and coloured glitters in a pale lemon base. There are purple squares, orange hex's and cute silver and green flowers. It really does look like a carnival on the nail. But why does it have to be yellow? I know on some skintones yellow can look pretty but I just doesn't work on me and stubby nails don't help either.

The base of this polish is very sheer I am not sure if you could wear this polish without undies without a lot of visible nail line.  Therefore I used Barry M Lemon Ice Cream which was the best match for this polish, I have yet to find a streaky yellow and needed three coats of the Barry M even before using Loop De La. One of the good things about this polish is that the glitters are easy to get out of the bottle- even those cute flowers which is a bonus!

In all, for me at least this polish is not a keeper, but I know others would love this! On the plus side it is really fun and cute and has great application. 

Don't forget to check out Emma and Bee's nails for the letter L! We are slowly working our way through them all arn't we?

Is there a colour that really doesn't suit you? Have you got this polish, I would love to see your swatches!


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