Sunday, 10 February 2013

Respect The Stash Part 4: GOSH

So It's time for the next part of my Respect The 'Stache (stash) series. This week I am going to show you my GOSH polishes. The only store that sells GOSH in the UK is Superdrug so all of the polishes came from there. I hear you can get GOSH in Europe and in a few selected places in the US!

Admittedly I bought most of these in one go when Superdrug were selling off their old lines for £1 a bottle. One thing I do hate about Superdrug is their anti-theft system which is basically sticking a massive barcode with a metal backing onto the polish lids and then sticking it down with tape. The metal and adhesive does not want to come off my bottles which makes them look less than pretty :(

So first up is Gosh Holographic (original) and Holographic Hero (remake). In the bottle HH looks far more holographic but I hear this isn't the case in the bottle (Holographic is unused).

Gosh Rainbow (HTF flakie polish, still unused), Magic Star and Silver Star.

Frou-Frou (a bit of trivia: this was one of the first polishes I swatched on the blog), Black Passion and Galaxy.

Gyspy Blue, Deep Purple and  Attitude.

Yellow Bombay, Orange Drops, Sweet Peach and Sunset.

Golden Dragon, Matte Topcoat, Snow, Vanilla Ice.

If you want to check out my other stash post click the link at the top of my blog!  Are there any of these you would love to see swatched or compared to other polishes? Let me know! Do you have photos of your GOSH collection?


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