Tuesday, 12 February 2013

The Digit-al Dozen does Love and Heartbreak: Lets Shatter Some Hearts

I am glad you liked my post from yesterday... Today I am bringing you another alternative Valentine Manicure.

This manicure uses K B Shimmer's Shattered Hearts (which was also on my list of top ten polishes for 2012) over a base of Rimmel Lycra Pro in Show Off. Shattered Hearts is so eye-poppingly bright that my camera seemed to think it was more coral, but in fact it is a neon pink. Suspended within are loads of Black hex's bars, shreds and hearts. (I am a big sucker for shaped glitter polishes).

What I love about this polish is the fact that you don't have to fish for the glitter and hearts, they come out of the bottle easily. Unless you are a perfectionist there is also no need for glitter placement, I love the randomness of this polish on the nail! And the black really pops against the black making this polish really funky!

Not only does the polish have shattered hearts but I used my Barry M Black Crackle polish to create a giant shattered heart too. This was done by simply cutting a heart out of a piece of tape and then using that to mask off my nail before applying the shatter polish. Don't forget to take the tape off while the polish is still wet! I really like the effect it is. This manicure reminds me of the phrase 'ordered chaos'. It is random and, really I had very little control over how it would turn out, but I love it! It is nice to have a bright colour on my nails during the grey overcast days we have been having here in the UK recently.

Tomorrow I have day three for you but until then check out the rest of the Digit-al Dozen for other great valentines ideas!



  1. I love the crackle heart and that pink/coral color is to die for!

  2. The crackle heart is amazing, such a clever idea:) A really gorgeous mani.

  3. Very nice! I am loving these crackle hearts, such a good use for my neglected polishes.

  4. Fabulous! The heart is perfect!


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