Saturday, 2 March 2013

ABC Challenge... O is for China Glaze Optical Illusion

 Optical Illusion is from the China Glaze Prismatic collection from last year, somehow I managed to get hold of the whole of this collection and not wear a single polish... go figure.

Optical Illusion is made of thousands of micro sky blue glitters with a dash of larger rainbow coloured hex glitters.  In the bottle this polish looks much more silver (and very similar to the other polishes in this collection) and the blue doesn't really reveal itself until it is on the nail, yet once there this isn't a polish to take a backseat, it is crazy!

Application wise this polish was easy to work with, this polish is thicker in consistency but that works to it's advantage as it only required two coats to reach opacity. Also the dry time for this was pretty quick, I would suggest a couple of coats of topcoat if you don't like gritty glitters (but that's in fashion now isn't it?)  

I really like those bursts of colour, especially the pink against the blue, this polish reminds me of a carnival for some reason. I am really on a glitter kick at the moment and this is perfect, maybe I will finally swatch my others from this collection!

Don't forget that you can check out Bee and Emma's O polishes too! What would you pick?

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  1. Awesome manicure! I love this polish but sadly I passed on it and now can't find it. I did get Full Spectrum and Liquid Crystal though, I love how great they apply and wear. Thanks for the awesome swatches!

  2. Such a stunning glitter! I have 2 of these and never used them! I guess I'll have to pull them out now! :)

  3. I got rid of this color and now - your making me wish I hadn't! Ughhh - gorgeousness!


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