Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Hardcore Stripage

Today sees the continuation of Stripe week,  today uses some striping tape to create a simple pattern.

For this manicure I used Layla soft touch matte effect polishes in shade 08 (a cherry red) and 12 (black). I started off with two coats of of the red polish and oh how I love matte polish so much! This red really has a retro vibe to it and is the perfect cherry almost verging on blood red colour. Sometimes matte polishes can be tricky to work with but I had no problems with this polish at all and it has a super quick dry time.

 I used striping tape to make my patterns and then painted one layer of Layla Black over the top. Whip off your tape while the polish is still wet! I did find that I needed to touch up a patch or two later so this is defiantly a two coater but this is no problem for me. Try to ignore my cuticles, black is a pain to try and clean up and I tried my best. I love the contrast this gives and the matte just makes this manicure rock n' roll!  

What I really love about these polishes is the staying time, I find that matte polishes tend to chip easily but these stayed put on the nail well. I would say that these polishes aren't a true matte polish because they do have a bit of a sheen to them, the black remind me of those 'wet effect' or faux leather leggings you can get , I guess you would call this a satin effect. I have been asked to compare the black to Nails Inc Leather so I will try and do that next, but to me this polish doesn't have the same defined texture, but that makes this polish much more versatile in my opinion!

You can now get your Layla fix at Sally Magpie's who stocks specialist and exotic nail polishes right here in the UK. I am always raving about this store because I love it so much and Sally is a dear friend of mine! The soft-touch collection is a steal at £6 a bottle! Do you own any of these polishes?

Don't forget that Debbie, Ashley and Emma are doing stripes this week too!  

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  1. Cuuuuuuuuuuuuuute - love this:)

  2. This looks so great! You do the coolest red & black manis :)

  3. The Soft Touch polishes look really nice! I haven't tried any yet, but I think I need to!

  4. Thees remind me of liquorice and the red string one too , they are fab hunnie :D


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