Friday, 22 March 2013

Orange Week Day Four: Nail-Venterous FT. Ninja Polish Orange You Unique

Today I have another Orange Polish for you all, it's not a spurpise is it considering it's ORANGE WEEK! I was so excited to score this polish when Ninja Polish first opened (where would we be without that store?) I then I never wore it, well today that finally changes.

This crazy polish is Orange You Unique which was first made famous by Nail-Venterous Polish and then made with the 'Floam' polishes by Ninja Polish- where you can still buy this now! Orange You Unique is a orange jelly base packed with tiny micro matte glitters in yellow, white and blue. This is two coats but looking at the photos I could maybe have done with another as there were still a few bald spots. 

I'm not going to lie this polish is tricky to apply, you need to get the thickness of each coat just right and let each coat fully dry to avoid dragging. Also it's a difficult polish to remove and you will have matte glitters sticking to your hands for ages afterwards. But it is so worth it, it's so crazy and fun and different on the nail. It is also not bitty on the nail and a coat of topcoat makes it lovely and glossy.

What do you think of matte glitter? It's all the craze now isn't it? Tomorrow brings us to the last post of Orange Week, I hope you've enjoyed it!

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  1. :-D i love all of those floamies!
    have you tried to use lush ultra bland to remove the annoying glitter from your skin after you removed the polish? to me this worked all the time so far...


  2. Aww, love this polish! And what a cool name hehe.


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