Thursday, 21 March 2013

Orange Week Day Three and ABC Challenge R: Nostalgic Lacquer Riot

Day three of Orange week is also combined with my typical Thursday ABC Challenge post. Today I am going to show you a glitter topper polish called Riot!

Riot is a mix of small matte white and metallic orange glitter, lager hex glitter and golden yellow bar glitter in a clear base.  Here is one coat over Manglaze Matte is Murder, (which was a pain to clean up by the way).  

This polish reminds me of fire, it's a great summer colour and really pops against the black. I did find with this polish that all the matte white glitter decided to sink to the bottom so I would suggest letting this polish sit upside down for a while before using it. Application wise, I used the dabbing method to apply and even coat of glitter across the nail. I was surprised how glossy and smooth this polish was even before topcoat. I was worried that those bar glitters were going start standing up, but actually they laid perfectly flat on the nail! 

As normal you can check out Bee and Emma's R polish choice too! We are slowly getting through this challenge! What would you pick? Tomorrow I am back with another round of orange polish, I know I can't believe I have that many oranges either! 

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