Thursday, 7 March 2013

Rave Stripes and ABC Challenge P is for Zoya Phoebe

Stripe week and I love this manicure, the colour clash is perfect and my lines were really crisp! Because today is Thursday it means another installment of the ABC Challenge, today's polish is Zoya Phoebe from the Mod Matte Collection (I want to say now that I am in dire need of Lolly- the Neon Pink if anyone has it for sale!).

NOTE: You may well ask why if I am featuring the Zoya I am holding an Essie bottle, the answer to this is simply because I am a muppet and didn't notice until afterwards...

The base of this manicure is two coats of Essie Off The Sholder, a lovely neon pink creme. Once it was dry out came the trusty striping tape and one coat of Zoya Phoebe. Hands down this is my favourite blue of all time, it is just such a happy colour! And like all the Essie matte's I own (and I so need more of them!) they apply like a dream for me!  

This is a perfect summer combination. You all know how much I love clashing colour's so much! This is such a 'me' manicure!

So now time for the shout-out. Check out Emma and Bee's choices for a polish starting with P and also check out Ashley and Debbie's stripe manicure's!

What polish would you pick starting with P?

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  1. Kerrie these look amazing! And your stripes are SO crisp indeed!! Great work lovely!


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