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Spend A Little... Polish Alot (tips and tricks for saving money)

Hey ladies, this post has been a long time in the making but I felt it was the right time to impart some of my wisdom onto my readers. Before I begin I should say that this post is more geared towards my British readers but some of it is universal and of course applies to my international readers too. This Is just because America seems a lot more geared towards home manicure than the UK. It seems a lot easier to get polish in the US and at far better prices too, but with the right tips and tricks it is easy to watch the pennies and still get lots of polish goodness.

I have spent the last month or so talking to a very nice lady from the site moneysupermarket. com looking at the figures that show there has been a significant rise in nail polish sales as more people skip the salon in favor of a home manicure. She asked me why did I think this was happening? In a time of economic turmoil and little extra money in our pockets a manicure is a easy and convenient way to make a fashion statement and generally make us women feel good about ourselves. You can see the infographic we created together below:

As a recent University Graduate I don't have loads of dosh to spend on polish, but as you all know nail polish can easily become an obsession. I find myself always wanting more as new trends and polish collections come out! It is easy to not keep track of your bank balance and before you know it this economical brainchild has bitten you on the ass and become the fiend that makes you live the last week until payday on a diet of pot noodles (if your lucky!).

So what are my tricks and tips?

  • Offers and Sales. I only buy polish on offer now, I can't remember the last time I bought a fully priced polish. Boots and Superdrug always do offers on cosmetics and polish- so take advantage of them! I get majorly excited about the post christmas 75% at Boots. Also don't forget that sometimes you can get better offers on the online sites which leads me to my next point.

  • Sign up for newslattters from your polish e-tailers. They include exclusive offers and also let you know about upcoming releases too! Sally's and Superdrug as must sign-ups!

  • Use, use, use bonus cards. Both Boots and Superdrug have great advantage cards. When you have enough points you can redeeem them and get FREE POLISH! Who wouldn't want that?

  • Reduced end of line stock. Work out when the next collection is due out and keep your eyes peeled. I've found GOSH Holographic (original) for a pound because they were clearing the end of line items. I've also managed to snag The Man With The Golden Gun from Sally's for £7 instead of £30+. My Boots and Superdrug both have a reduced section at the back at the store every trip into town means checking these places out!

  • Blog Sales and Selling sites. Look for UK based selling sites like 'Nail Inc Swap Page' and 'Swapaholics” are a great place to find bargain polishes and get rid of any that don't live up to your initial hype. These sites are also great if you are looking for HTF or non-mainstream polishes, such as indie polishes. You can also make some great friends through these sites too! Also get involved in UK based polish groups like "Brit of Nail Polish" and "UK bloggers" to keep up to date with the latest deals!
  • Ebay. I tend to avoid ebay but you can sometimes find some good bargains on the American Ebay. This is great if you are looking for an international brand. Sometimes I find brands like Butter London and Zoya are much cheaper to be shipped over that bought from a UK site. Also keep an eye out for job-lots of mixed polishes as you can find some gems this way.

  • Freegle, Craigslist or Facebay. Selling sites are popping up all over the internet. Find your local site and keep an eye out, or if your feeling brave put out a ISO “In Search Of” post. For example “ISO OPI nail Polish”. I've got some older black label OPI polishes and old picked up mini sized OPI DS polishes from local selling sites! Remember polish is self-santising so you can't pick up germs from second-hand bottles!

  • Enlist your family and Friends in your quest. My mum is always on the look out for a bargain polish for me and she's helped me snag some real winners. Let them know the names of some higher end brands so they know what to look out for. At first a lot of people laughed at my love of nail polish but after a while they will understand that it really interests you and really didn't mind helping me out!

There are other great ways to get polish for cheap as well. I have heard dusty hunting (buying polishes from salons) and Charity Shops to also be good bets. Just use your initiative and don't miss an opportunity!

Have you gotten any polish bargains or have a tip you would like to share? I would love to add to this list! Happy Easter my dear readers!

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  1. Great article!! So much good information, thanks!

  2. Hi,

    I'm in the U.S. but found the post informative. Now I know the British slang for Ramen Noodles as well. Thanks ! :)

  3. This is the most brilliant post. Thank you so much for your time and research into bargain buys etc. Love Boots and Superdrug!

    I follow you on Bloglovin now. :)

  4. If you live in or near a large city, look for independent beauty supplies! I'm not sure where the cheap ones tend to be in the UK, but here in California I've found real gems in Los Angeles' Chinatown and the Vietnamese part of Sacramento. They usually look sketchy on the outside, but you can get OPI, Essie, Orly, etc. for super cheap! I got some weird looks at first, but once the owners figured out how much nail polish I was buying they warmed right up. ;)

    1. Hi! I live in Sacramento. I'm proud it's the most ethnically diverse city in the US but I don't know where the "Vietnamese" part is. Could you clarify along with the businesses you go to? If love to try those stores! Thank you so much!

  5. Great post!

    I do a lot of these already. My mum is always on a polish mission for me lol. I also love a joblot on eBay. You get such random awesome finds!

    I also scour pound shops often, Ive had LOADS of great polishes - Revlon, Sally Hansen, Sinful Colours, W7, all sorts!

  6. Great tips :D I also buy in sales and search in pounshops! pahaha the amound of revlon polishes I found are great! I also found a bunch of sally hansens salon (whatever their called) too!


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